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2019 - Hutchison Panama Ports
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Year: 2019

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  • The Hutchison Ports PPC and its volunteer group carry out activities in commemoration of the Month of the Oceans

    During the month of September, Month of the Oceans, over 100 volunteers from the PPC “Cuadrilla Solidaria”, joined efforts and resources to carry out beach cleaning activities in La Playita, province of Colon and Playa Veracruz, in the province of Panama . As a result of these activities, more than 250 bags of waste and other detrimental waste were collected for the marine ecosystem.

    Through these initiatives, PPC reaffirms its commitment to environmental conservation, generating change actions for the conservation of our natural resources.

    We thank all the volunteers who collaborated in this important day, who donated their time and dedication for the future of our country.



  • PPC receives a visit from the young students of the Olga Sinclair Foundation

    PPC receives a visit from the young students of the Olga Sinclair Foundation

    Friends from Olga Sinclair Foundation visited Balboa terminal, in the company of children from the San Felipe area attending the foundation workshops.

    During the visit, the children were invited to visit the port of Balboa through manual activities and animated videos where the importance of teamwork, communication and safety was highlighted. Subsequently, they made a tour of the operational area, where they showed great admiration and interest in continuing to learn about logistics development in our country.

    Hutchison Ports PPC for over 20 years has been involved in the professional development of children who are part of our communities. We are committed to promoting these activities that reinforce family and social strengthening and integration.



  • Hutchison Ports PPC Volunteers participate in the V Great National Day of Reforestation

    With a representation of more than 70 volunteers, Hutchison Ports PPC went to the Community of Valle la Unión located in the Province of Colon to contribute to the goal of 1 million hectares reforesting more than 200 seedlings in the company of companies, schools and institutions managing to reforest 1.82 hectares between fruit and timber species.

    This Great National Day of Reforestation becomes a bridge of connection to strengthen a commitment of country, and the commitment of Hutchison Ports PPC with the Environment.

  • We inaugurated the PPC University.

    We inaugurated the PPC University.

    A new and avant-garde learning platform that provides a wide range of academic and development, to all areas and organizational levels in PPC.

    The University has 4 academies: Leadership Academy, Technical Academy, Development Academy and Culture Academy.

    Our mission is “Increase the capabilities of the PPC family, through impressive learning days to develop committed and successful teams”.


  • PPC receives the Social Responsibility Award at Panama Maritime World Conference

    At the launch of the XIV version of the Panama Maritime World Conference and Exhibition 2019, PPC received the Social Responsibility Award, as a company that stands out in its commitment to the welfare of its employees and the community in general.

    PPC honored for this recognition reaffirmed its commitment to the responsibility of a sustainable operation in economic, social and environmental frames.


  • Hutchison Ports PPC held its annual event _x0093_Veranito PPC” for employee_x0092_s children

    Hutchison Ports PPC held its annual event “Veranito PPC” (Summer Camp) for its employee’s children.

    Hutchison Ports PPC, aware of the responsibility we have with the families of our employees and supporting the education of their children, we held our yearly event Veranito PPC.

    In this initiative, 150 children attended, and were able to participate in games, group challenges, enjoy nature and adventure sports. In each of the activities, the importance of values was emphasized, which as integral citizens we must keep in mind; the importance of teamwork, communication and leadership was reinforced; qualities that will serve them for their future tasks.

    With initiatives like this, PPC reaffirms its commitment to promote activities that improve health and well-being of all our employees and their families.

  • PPC at RILA 2019

    Hutchison Ports PPC, as every year, represents Panama together with the main logistics authorities and companies of the country, at RILA’s Retail Supply Chain Conference – this year called LINK2019.

    Retail has evolved. To succeed, top retailers must master the demands of Omni channel fulfillment. For supply chain executives, this means selectively adopting emerging technologies, rapidly developing urban fulfillment processes, and actively building strategic relationships with logistics service providers.

    That is why supply chain representatives from the top retailers attend LINK, and PPC is there to represent Panama and promote our logistics operations and contribution to Panamanian logistics’ development.