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  • Hutchison Ports PPC carries out a beach clean-up.

    Hutchison Ports PPC carries out a beach clean-up day as part of its “Go Green” environmental initiative

    Hutchison Ports PPC, aware of the role it must play as a socially responsible company and as part of its global environmental initiative “Go Green”, recently carried out a beach cleanup that extended from the community of la Boca in Ancon to the Bridge of the Americas near its Balboa facility on the Pacific side of the Panama Canal.

    The activity was attended by PPC volunteers, the Ancon Communal Board, the Urban and Cleaning Authority, students and professors from the International Maritime University of Panama, residents of the community, as well as companies that provide services to the company, among others.

    “Go Green” is part of an initiative undertaken by Hutchison Ports in association with members of the maritime community, stakeholders, local governments, NGOs, universities, and schools that seeks to promote awareness and protection of the environment through various campaigns and activities such as tree-planting, beach trash clean-up, waste recycling and biodiversity conservation projects.

    The beach clean-up activity brought together more than 100 volunteers for more than 4 hours, managing to collect and remove approximately 3.5 tons of garbage from the beaches, composed mostly of remains of fibreglass and wooden boats, refrigerators, toys, glass and plastic bottles, foam containers, paint containers, fishing nets, clothing, aluminium cans, cloth and plastic bags, iron scrap, industrial oil waste containers, tires and a variety of household, appliances among others.

    For Hutchison Ports PPC, activities like these allow us to take care of the community and the environment in which we live and operate by collecting trash that affects the health of wildlife, people, and local economies near our facilities and their surroundings. These beach clean-up days motivate and allow us to continue generating initiatives and commitments supporting sustainable development as an organization and in turn, contribute towards the decarbonization not only of our operations but of our industry.

    As an organization, we are proud to align our sustainability strategies to the 17 objectives of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), a universal call for action to make our world a better place, end poverty, protect the planet and ensure prosperity for all. Objectives that we integrate into the day-to-day of our business and industry.

    Thanks to our volunteers who put into practice the simple idea that each person can do something good, whether big or small, to improve the lives of others and positively change the world today without compromising future generations.

  • Students from the University of Southern Indiana and the Technological University of Panama visit the Port of Balboa.

    Hutchison Ports PPC, the operator of the Ports of Balboa and Cristobal, had the pleasure of receiving a group of students from the University of Southern Indiana (USI) and the Technological University of Panama (UTP) at the Port of Balboa as part of the different educational initiatives which seek to provide both local and international students with the opportunity to learn about the different activities that take place within the ports operated by Hutchison Ports

    During their tour of the different departments of Hutchison Ports PPC, students from the University of Southern Indiana and the Technological University of Panamá.

    The students from both universities are working on a research project to develop innovative solutions to global environmental challenges through a multicultural design thinking approach through cultural immersion in Panama.

    During their tour, the students received a detailed presentation on the development and investment that has been taking place since 1997.

    During their visit to the Terminal, the students and professors were able to learn a little about the port history of the country as well as the development and investment that has been taking place since 1997 with the arrival of Hutchison in Panama. In the same way, they were able to learn first-hand how the terminal operates through a visit to the yards and docks, as well as the services offered, what equipment they have for the operation and what are the different types of cargo, especially how containerised cargo is handled. The delegation had the opportunity to talk with personnel from different areas where they were given a glimpse of the different job opportunities that exist for Engineers within a Port Terminal.

    Students during their tour of the patios and docks of the port of Balboa.

    Hutchison Ports PPC recognizes the role it must play as a port leader and that is why it faithfully believes in developing initiatives that improve the quality of education and access to it, opening its doors so that more students have the opportunity to learn what It is done in the maritime and port industry.

    If your school or university is interested in learning more about our terminals, you can write to us at: comunicacion@ppc.com.pa

  • The National Customs Authority and Panama Ports Company S.A. (PPC) signed a bilateral agreement

    The National Customs Authority and Panama Ports Company S.A. (PPC) signed a bilateral agreement for the use and maintenance of non-intrusive equipment (scanners).

    The document details both the obligations acquired by The Customs Authority and PPC, as well as acquired commitments, maintenance aspects, expenses, mobilization of equipment, permits and licenses, as well as notices and notifications among other obligations.

    This bilateral agreement was signed by Tayra Barsallo, Director-General of The National Customs Authority of Panama, and Jared Zerbe, Chief Executive Officer of PPC. The document establishes that the equipment is owned by PPC and will be managed and operated by the National Customs Authority and that under no circumstances may it be granted in concession to private operators

    PPC renews its commitment to provide “Safe Ports”, incorporating world-class technology for the inspection of containers, thus allowing the authorities to carry out their operations safely and efficiently in the Ports of Balboa and Cristóbal.

    “With this agreement, we compromise the company that the scanners can be installed at the company’s expense in both of the Ports of Balboa and Cristobal and thus provide our staff with the necessary technological tools to guarantee that the cargo that enters and leaves the Panamanian territory is a safe cargo and this has a significant security control value for our logistics hub.” 

    Tayra Barsallo, Director-General of The National Customs Authority of Panama


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