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2017 - Hutchison Panama Ports - Page 3
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Year: 2017

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  • PPC Family Day 2017

    Hutchison Ports PPC celebrates, again its Family Day, this year called “The Port Carnival”, attended by more than 4,500 people, among employees and their families. There were a number of activities for children and adults: water games, soccer, and talent shows – Also national artist/singers and queens of Panama´s carnival 2017. Through projects like this, PPC reinforces its commitment to society gathering family and reinforcing values.

  • PPC – Veranito 2017

    Panama Ports Company, held its annual event: Veranito PPC – a series of cultural, academic and artistic activities for PPC worker´s children during their summer break.

    145 children were able to participate in visits to various points of interest in the country and to attend personal growth conferences where they reinforced values and care for the environment.

    Veranito PPC is part of the PPC commitment to reinforce one of the most important pillars of society: Family 


  • Thanks Giving Ceremonies

    On January 17, collaborators from Panama Ports Company of the different areas gathered at the Thanksgiving Mass that took place in the ports of Balboa and Cristóbal. The same was done in order to see the road traveled and assume new challenges for the development and welfare of the organization for this 2017.

    The ceremonies were presided over by Pastor Alexis Donaldson and Father Ramón Buriticá in the Port of Cristóbal and by Father Manuel Sánchez and collaborators of the Evangelical Group of the port in Balboa.



  • Hutchison Ports PPC – Visits Quebrada Grande Community in Coclé

    Hutchison Ports PPC celebrates with more than 250 people children and adults in a remote community of Quebrada Grande in the mountains of Coclé, for more than 10 years with the project “Because We Want Happy Children”, an initiative supported by the Group of volunteers and employees that makes this project possible, reflecting over the years the faces of happiness, signs of love, affection and gratitude on the part of the community members.


  • Panama Ports Cayuco Cup

    Last January 21 took place for the third consecutive year the Panama Ports Company Cup being this the second race of the season of the Cayuco Race 2016-2017.
    The race, which began and ended at the Balboa Yacht Club on a 6-mile course, was attended by more than 70 boats looking throughout the season for a place to qualify for the great Ocean to Ocean
    With this support PPC reinforces its commitment to the Panamanian youth, who sees in this discipline a way for a healthy entertainment.


  • Media Visits Panama Ports

    On January 20, the Panama Ports Company team and its Executive President, Mr. Paul Wallace, received various media at their facilities in the Port of Balboa. During this meeting, Mr. Wallace presented the presentation “Challenges and Opportunities in the Face of the World Maritime Situation”, where he reviewed the 20-year history of PPC and analyzed the future of the industry nationally and internationally. After the session, those present had the opportunity to tour the facilities and see the operation from the top of a gantry crane.